Swiss Partners we provide our clients with highly sophisticated, tailored wealth management services. In particular, we have privileged access to information and services from many highly regarded Swiss and international banks, and work with their vast networks of locations across the world.

As independent wealth managers, we are at complete liberty to select the forms and types of investment which best meet the needs of each of our clients, free from any obligation or commitment to any particular depositary bank, Our investment policy focuses on long-term asset growth.

We balance the need to preserve capital, achieve returns and manage risk as we select a reasoned portfolio of financial and monetary instruments.

Diversification, in terms of both geography and sectors, is achieved on an ongoing basis by investing in different asset classes combining equities, bonds and investments in traditional and alternative funds on all markets, including emerging markets, in accordance with each client’s own personal and family situation, investment horizon and risk tolerance.

Control & monitoring

On behalf of its’ clients Swiss Partners carefully monitors their investment managers.

We ensure that the investment strategy that they deploy and the level of risk they take are truly in line with your expectations.

We provide the clients with a precise and detailed reporting on performance and costs.


We can offer clients independent investment advice or ideas on different asset

classes within the frame of their investment strategy and a defined risk profile.

In this format the final investment decision rests with the client, who at all times

keep full control over his assets.

We review the portfolios regularly with our customers and help them to adapt their

strategies to market changes.

Investment opportunities

We seek interesting investment opportunities in the form of funds, private equity, direct investments, real estate, or any other type of investments. We evaluate the potential profits risks and suitability before showing them to our customers.

It also happens that we help our clients to find partners or co-investors for their projects.

Discretionary management

Upon request we can manage portfolios entirely for our clients on a fully discretionary basis.

The assets can be held with the bank of their choice. We define their investment and risk profile together and on that basis invest across all asset classes.

The customer is informed about performance in a transparent manner on a regular basis.

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