Swiss Partners

Smart transactions for the 21 century

We create value through smart transaction, offering trading and investment solutions worldwide, across physical and digital assets

Swiss Partners

Smart transactions for the 21 century

We create value through smart transaction offering trading and investment solutions, worldwide, across physical and digital assets

Our Vision

We aim at creating value through smart transactions.

It does not matter if it is blockchain or any other technology, we listen to our clients' requests and strive to offer the best solution, leveraging all new upcoming technologies.

What we do


Our Core. We trade different assets, digital like cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins, and physical like commodities and valuable assets.

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Asset Management

We offer wealth management solutions tailored to each client's request. Thanks to machine learning AI (artificial intelligence) we offer several risk profile solutions for portfolio and digital wallet management.

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We invest leveraging big data insights and real time machine learning AI algorithm. The goal is to maximize revenues at the minimum risk.

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We provide tailored end-to-end solutions for trading & investment.

Core technology capabilities

Advanced skills and solutions in digital cryptocurrencies

Large transactions capacity

We have capabilities to handle large, real-time transactions

Simplicity & transparency

Our services enable simple and fast transactions, with an added layer of full transparency and trust

Private wealth management solutions

We offer tailor-made services at the highest standard

Effective & Efficient solutions

We offer top quality services at the best market prices

Global Network

We leverage global partners in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa

We've work with the best

Our team has above 100 years of combined experiences in the financial and business sector in Switzerland and across the world.
Swiss Partners Ltd is a Swiss-British company founded in 2018, based in London (UK) and with offices in Geneva (Switzerland).

The team

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